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Ivanov's Gymnastics Academy Philosophy and Mission

All children benefit from participation in gymnastics. Many of the benefits of gymnastics are NOT related to learning gymnastics skills, but rather learning in important developmental areas that will help your child become a better student and young adult. Gymnastics programs are not solely about creating gymnasts. There are so many more important areas to consider. ALL children, regardless of ability, should stay in gymnastics for 3-5 years, if not longer, to get the full benefit of what gymnastics teaches.

Self Confidence

Through the challenge of learning gymnastics skills, the students gain confidence with each step that they take. Doing skills on each apparatus helps the children gain confidence in their own abilities. This improved self-confidence will transfer to other areas of their lives, including school.

Hard work ethic

All of this requires hard work. Gymnastics is a tough sport. The best thing about it is that the kids have to earn the skills; we can't just give the skills to them. This hard work shows them that the more they work, the more they learn. What a great lesson. You want your children to have a hard work ethic, don't you?


Participation in gymnastics helps the athletes become more flexible. Flexibility also helps limit injuries. This will be valuable for other sports that your child might encounter at school--such as flag football or soccer.

Social Skills

Gymnastics gives the little ones a weekly chance to learn about social skills like listening and following directions, respecting others, sharing, taking turns, and a lot more.


There are rules in gymnastics classes, and the teachers treat these rules as being important. Gymnastics classes are a very controlled environment. The more discipline the children get today, the better off they will be. Not only does this limit the potential for injury, children learn more in a controlled environment, rather than just free play.

Overcoming Fears

Some parts of gymnastics are very challenging. We think that this is good training for all kids. They need to be challenged. The key is that we challenge them with attainable challenges so that they are successful the majority of the time. To face a challenge, especially one that produces a little fear in the child, and then to accomplish that challenge, is a wonderful part of gymnastics classes, and it happens all of the time. We want confident, secure children.

Learning to Perform in front of People

What a terrific, sometimes overlooked, benefit of gymnastics. Gymnastics classes have the students perform their skills in front of other students, which helps teach poise under pressure, and makes performing in front of others easier. Gymnastics students tend to be the first ones at school to volunteer to do things in front of the class, as they have learned to perform, which will help them throughout their lives.


Gymnastics builds determination. Some gymnastics skills are hard to master, so the children learn determination in continuing to work hard even when things are tough. In our "instant" society, it is valuable that children learn that sticking to a task will eventually yield results. Gymnastics builds the ability to set long-term goals.

Caring Teachers

Our gymnastics teachers care about EVERY student regardless of their potential. We KNOW that every child can learn a great deal by being involved in this incredible sport. Every child is important in our gymnastics classes.


Gymnastics allows children to express themselves in a unique and individualized way. So much of gymnastics is exploration. Children are constantly challenged to try new skills and discover just how much they can accomplish through hard work and creative thinking.

The list of benefits goes on, fueled by the potential and the promise the sport of gymnastics holds for each child who wanders into the gym and learns how to stretch his or her wings ... and mind.

Our goal is to not only train your child, but to continue preparing him or her for a successful and fulfilled life through the sport of gymnastics, from which children experience happiness, having felt the joy of movements and the satisfaction of success. All of these things will be taught in a safe and fun environment of respect for each child's individuality.

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