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Head Coaches/Owners Larisa Ivanova & Anatoly Ivanov

Head Coaches Larisa and Anatoly Ivanov are former Senior Russian (USSR) National Champions, both ranked "Master of Sport", the highest level possible in their country at that time. Together they have more than 25 years of coaching experience. Larisa Ivanova competed on the Russian (USSR) National team. Anatoly Ivanov also competed on the Russian (USSR) National team. Other coaches on our staff are either current or former upper level competitive gymnasts, dancers or dance instructors, or certified gymnastics judges. All lesson plans, for all class levels, are designed by Larisa and Anatoly Ivanov. These lesson plans are taught to all coaches via in-service instruction, workshops, and periodic meetings. In addition, coaches are given the opportunity to participate in local, regional, and national coaching workshops sponsored by USA Gymnastics.

What about safety? Every coach at Ivanov's is Safety Certified by USA Gymnastics. Ivanov's Gymnastics Academy is a certified USA Gymnastics Member Club. Head Coaches Anatoly Ivanov and Larisa Ivanova are Professional Members of USA Gymnastics, the governing body for Junior Olympic gymnastics training in the United States. Coach Larisa is also a certified Gymnastics Judge. Students of all levels will progress in their gymnastics development in accord with the skills guidelines and competition requirements of the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program.

About the Facility

The gym is housed in 12,000 square feet of renovated and purpose-built spaces for both classes and parents. The facility was designed with "watching and waiting" areas for the parents, away from the practice floor. We invite parents to watch classes at any time; parents, however, may not enter the instructional areas or allow younger siblings to enter these areas at any time. We also encourage parents to "take a break" and go do something while your child is engaged in class, but please be back when the class is over.

The Pre-School instructional area was designed to provide a low-key zone where the little ones learn basic gymnastics body positions, as well as pre-gymnastics coordination, flexibility and strength skills, and basic gymnastics skills, away from the hustle and bustle of the main teaching area. The equipment in the Pre-School area was built especially for young children.

The main gym is the area where children 5½ years old and older participate in classes of progressive difficulty in gymnastics or tumbling. The children are evaluated by the coaches towards the end of every session.

Our mission is to introduce children to the skills of gymnastics in an atmosphere of trust, safety, and respect for the individual; and to make it all be FUN.

At Ivanov's we believe in the concepts of hard work and honest effort to achieve specific goals, while fostering self-confidence, attention to instruction, sharing, and group bonding.

Our goals:

Our goal is to teach every child that with attention and hard work, every child can learn something from gymnastics, and that every child will gain physical and mental skills from gymnastics that he or she can use later on in any other sports activity.

What about Competition Results?

Ever since the start of Ivanov's Gymnastics Academy in 1999, we have steadily built a record of competition success. Ivanov's gymnasts of all levels have won Event, All Around, and Team titles in every meet we have entered, including State, Regional, and National Championships. In every year we have been in business, we have brought Optional (Level 8, 9, or 10) girls to Regional and National competition; and every year our numerous Team gymnasts become All-Around and Event State Champions. With professional coaches, well-maintained equipment, and innovative teaching techniques and training aids (including reflex beams, new vaulting table, spotting belts, 40-foot tumble track, and trampoline), we believe our teams are getting the best that can be offered in the state of Louisiana.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce your child to the benefits of gymnastics training, whether for USAG competition, for cheerleading, or for the joys of running, jumping, making friends, and having fun.

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